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Chitosan Fibre Complex

Chitosan Fibre Complex
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Chitosan Fibre Complex

"Chitosan Fibre Complex - great kg/cm loss"

"I added Chitosan to my Shape Up program, then the kg's/cm's came off quicker and easier. Chitosan has reduced my appetite, Iam totally thrilled with my results with the Herbalife products."

Lucy Simmons

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Turbo-Charge Your Weight Loss Results 

Herbalife is proud to introduce Chitosan Fibre Complex formulated with Chitosan,
the wonder fibre that everybody is so excited about. Chitosan Fibre Complex is much more than just a dietary fibre and an aid to weight loss.

  • Herbalife's  Chitosan Fibre Complex is a combination of Chitosan & Fenugreek. A unique formulation which offers unbelievable benefits for you.
  • Chitosan is an amino polysaccharide derived from Chitin, which is found in the shells of shellfish such as crab & shrimp.
  • Chitosan works by binding lipids in the stomach to aid your elimination.
  • Herbalife uses LipoSan Ultra, a patented form of Chitosan that becomes soluble in stomach acid and works even faster.
    This means you can take one capsule right before you eat, not one hour before like other similar Chitosan based products, and you can still experience its amazing benefits.
  • Fenugreek, a soluble fibre renowned for its beneficial qualities, forms a gel in the stomach, taking up room, so you are likely to eat less and you can feel full longer without hunger pains and cravings.

Did you know?

StarfishChitin, a precursor to Chitosan, is the most abundant natural fibre next to cellulose. Chitosan contains free amino groups, which can take on a positive charge, giving Chitosan its remarkable properties.

Most fibres are hydrophilic, meaning that they repel fat and absorb water. Chitosan is 'lipophilic' meaning that it does the opposite. It attracts fat, ultimately decreasing fat absorption by the body.

You've read about it, you've heard about it, now experience the benefits of this amazing natural fibre supplement. 


You Get: FREE Super Fast Delivery (Next day-3 days).

Maximise your weight loss results right now with your Chitosan Fibre Complex.

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