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Model: Quick Energy

More energy without the usual caffeine sensitivity :
”I'm a little sensitive to caffeine so thought I would try the Liftoff to see if it gave me any of those weird feelings (quickened heart beat, insomnia and a general unwell feeling), as most days I feel tired and that cant be bothered attitude. I tried the Liftoff and really liked the taste and found it very refreshing but best of all I found myself getting on with my day and having a lot more energy. You ask which flavour? There both great." Jan R

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Fizz Up & Fuel Good with Liftoff™, an exclusive effervescent blend of guarana, caffeine,
B group Vitamins & taurine to give you the boost you need for your body and your mind.

Get the most out of your day, anytime, anywhere with Liftoff™.
Liftoff™ is a unique effervescent drink, formulated to help you boost your day. It is a formulated caffeinated beverage in effervescent powder form that’s fun, fizzy & works fast for you.

Key Benefits :

* Great tasting & provides an instant kick for you.

* Contains guarana, caffeine & taurine.

* Contains less than 10 calories per serve

* Super Convenient, portable pocket-size sachets ideal for carrying around when you're on the go.

* 2 refreshing flavours for you: Ignite-Me Orange & Lemon-Lime Blast

Who can enjoy the benefits of Liftoff™ ?

* Business Professionals - turbo charge your business results

* Students - Turbo-Charge your studies, get better results

* Busy Parents - keep up with your children

* Sports Enthusiasts - get a great edge on your competion

Usage :

Simply pour a  Liftoff™ sachet in a glass of water, let it fizz and enjoy!

Liftoff™ Questions & Answers :

Q: How many sachets are there per box?
A: 10 individually wrapped sachets per box.

Q: How much caffeine does Liftoff™ contain per serving?
A: Approximately 75mg of caffeine per serving. This is about the same amount as a cup of brewed coffee or 2 caffeinated soft drinks.

Q: What is the source of the caffeine in Liftoff™?
A: Caffeine powder & naturally occurring caffeine from guarana.

Q: Is caffeine safe?
A: Yes. The safety of caffeine has been studied quite extensively. Moderate use of caffeine is safe for the majority of individuals, unless there is a caffeine sensitivity or restriction due to certain health conditions.

Q: What is Taurine?
A: A non-essential amino acid which serves many different functions in the body. In certain situations, taurine provides a boost as the body cannot make enough taurine to meet its needs.

Q: Are there other ingredients?
A: Yes. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 & B12.

Q: When can you take Liftoff™?
A: Anytime to help you be more energised. If sensitive to caffeine, it shouldn't be taken too late in the day as this may affect sleep.

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